Midtown Voice & SLSO Women's Assoc. Newsletter, 1983

The St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra toured Germany and Austria in the summer of 1983. This photo was taken at the terminal at Lambert Field in St. Louis as we were departing. Frankly, I do not now remember why this photo (and the others in the series, of which this one was chosen) were taken on my camera. A young professional photographer, Jim Visser, accompanied us on the trip and actually took this photo. I am in the front row, third from left.

The two scanned versions shown below represent a scanned 8x10 print (printed contemporaneously in my darkroom) and a 35mm negative scan, with both scans done in the spring of 2011.

Midtown Voice
Cover, Wmns Assoc Newsletter
Womens Assoc Newsletter
SLSYO (scan of 8x10)
SLSYO (scan of negative)