HughesNews Goes To ...
[published January, 1993]

The first company I worked for at NASA/Goddard was a locally-owned contractor named STX Corporation. In 1991, it was acquired by Hughes Aircraft Corporation. The renamed "Hughes STX", as a roughly 800 person (?) company, was but a tiny part of this large defense contractor (25,000 employees?).

The glossy newsletter, HughesNews, that we received each month had a whimsical feature, "HughesNews Goes To ..." where they published photos of employees dragging HughesNews all over the world and taking photos of themselves with the newsletter.

When my friend Jeff Saul was able to snare two tickets to the Inaugural Game of Oriole Park at Camden Yards (April 6, 1992) and he invited me along, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for a "HughesNews Goes To ..." photo! As it turned out, our seats were directly behind home plate, in the second to top row of the upper deck, perfect for pictures!

HughesNews cover
HughesNews - David

(No, the Orioles beat the Cleveland Indians, 2-0.)

Photo by Jeff Saul:

Photo of David at Camden Yards

And here's the companion photo I took:

Photo of Jeff Saul at Camden Yards

And here is the entire HughesNews page:

Complete HughesNews Goes to...