Jerry Bonnell, an astrophysicist at Goddard, contributed to a program on NOVA, the science program of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Jerry is the co-founder and co-editor of the enormously popular Astronomy Picture of the Day web site. His photo was taken Oct 1, 2001. This was part of the initial round of digital photos for the Code 660 LHEA staff photo collection. I had started a few days before September 11, 2001, and then suspended my shooting for about three weeks, because no one was particularly in a mood to smile for photos. Thus, this was one the first photos taken when I resumed in October that year.

This appeared on http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/gamma/milkyway2.html. (Article starts here.)
NOVA program 2002

The photo credits link, above, led to the following page, shown partially below:
photo credits, PBS
Jerry Bonnell, NASA/GSFC