Queen Elizabeth visits Goddard (May 2007)

In May 2007, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip visited Goddard. Hundreds and hundreds of employees turned out to greet them. Goddard View, a monthly publication, asked for employees to submit photographs. I did, and then was named the "winner of the employee photo contest" (even though there had been no mention that it was a contest!) I had five different photographs published in Goddard View and on the NASA web site. 1 2 (June 2007 issue, p3, p7; Year in Review, p.3)

Goddard View cover contest winner
Queen chats with employees


Goddard View: Queen plants tree
photo: Queen chats with employees
photo: Queen plants tree

Goddard View, Year In Review issue (2007)

Goddard View Year-in-Review
Goddard View- Royal visit
flag on car fender

NASA web site

Capturing the Queen: Media Operations

screen shot NASA web site
press and crowd at Visitor Center
Capturing the Queen: Security Operations - Motorcycles
screen shot NASA web site
lineup of people and motorcycles near B3
And the rest of my gallery of photos of the Queen's visit are found here: here.