NASA ASD Ann.Rep., cover
[PDF, 66MB, 122 pages]

Four photos of mine from various events in the fall of 2011 were included in the Annual Report of the Astrophysics Science Division for 2011 (published May 2012). Three of these four took place in the ground floor Bldg 34 conference rooms, but the images are different from each other: (A) candid shot, (B) people who asked for a photo, (C) group shot with studio lights, and (D) candid crowd shot in a darkened room.

In addition, twenty-two of my staff photos were reproduced elsewhere in the same report, as shown here.

NASA ASD Ann.Rep.,p4 Peter Serlemitsos Eli Dwek, Christa Gall
NASA ASD Ann.Rep.,p5
LISA Pathfinder Hannah Jang-Condell