Joint Center for Astrophysics (JCA) /CRESST 2009-present

JCA/CRESST scientist research interest web page

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CRESST is a "collaborative agreement" between local universities (in this case, UMBC) and NASA/Goddard providing a vehicle for employing scientists beyond the initial post-doc phase. All of the people here are associated with Goddard's Astrophysics Science Division, either as current or former on-site employees.

This web page displays 22 of my ASD staff photos.

CRESST scientsts banner

Scrolling down a bit on the same page to show some sample entries...

CRESST scientsts - sample
Another 13 images of mine appear on the JCA "2005 Annual Report" . And one more at the Universities Space Research Assocation (USRA) page about CRESST: here.