PennStateScience 2011

Emmanuel Fonseca spent the summer of 2010 at Goddard. Mid-summer, I was asked to take a photo of him for an article in the Penn State (Pennsylvania State University) Science Journal. (He had already graduated and was heading straight to grad school in Vancouver at the end of the summer, hence there was no time to do a photo shoot back in State College, PA.) I had spoken to him but about this, but when I bumped into him on July 30, he informed me it was his final day! I happened to have my photo gear with me that day, but not my studio lights. As it turned out, I was able to borrow a lighting setup (more for video than still photography) that the Education & Public Outreach group of ASD had purchased (but not even opened up yet). One element of their package was a pop-up five-foot tall green screen (chroma-key). The fluorescents in small softboxes were dim, so after doing some images with that setup indoors, we moved the green screen outdoors to an open-shade area next to Building 34. The image Penn State used was from the latter location.

PennStateScience article -- E. Fonseca

PennState Science web site article about Emmanuel Fonseca

The PSU site also provided a larger copy of this "starglow" background image:

Emmanuel Fonseca -- starglow background

Emmanuel Fonseca