GSFC Building 2 display (in lobby of Building 34)

The Astrophysics Science Division (ASD/Code 660) occupied Building 2 at Goddard from when the building was built in the early 1960s until it moved to the newly constructed Building 34 in the fall of 2009.

So much important science came out of Bldg 2, and it was home to so many for decades, that a small display case honoring its contributions was assembled in the lobby of Building 34 in the fall of 2013 (after a few years of discussion and planning).

For a backdrop for this display case, a photo of mine was enlarged to poster dimensions, taken from a photo project to document the building that I had done in the late summer and fall of 2009. That SmugMug gallery can be found here. (Password = "b2@GSFC")

My friend, Jay Friedlander, a GSFC graphic artist and photographer, who created the poster (unbeknownst to me! :-)) Photoshop'ed out the cars from the parking lot.

Bldg 2 display case
Bldg 2 looking SW