LinkedIn - Karwan Rostem in the Lab

In March 2013 I set up to do a photo session with a scientist at Goddard in his laboratory (pictures that did not end up being used). But towards the end, post-doc Karwan Rostem asked me to take a few photos of him with the same configuration, which he ended up using for his LinkedIn profile photo.


Setup shots

These windowless labs have very high ceilings so I knew exposure would be a challenge. My choices were available light (blah) or flash (harsh, no reflections possible)... or studio lights. But I did not want simple lighting, so I used a technique I had seen illustrated of using an accent light to get interesting colored reflections off the metal elements of the photo. These setup shots show the main light (gridded softbox, camera right), the fill light (softbox, camera left in the doorway), plus the blue gel'ed strobe (high right, behind the subject position, with just the standard reflector).

setup shot 1
setup shot 2