Symphony of the Potomac 2013

Yakov Shapiro, Concertmaster for Twenty Years

In its April 2013 concert program book, the Symphony of the Potomac recognized 20 years of service by its concertmaster, Yakov Shapiro.

Sheryl is the graphic designer for their programs (as well as principal cello) and she inquired whether I had any old photos of Yakov. As it turned out, I did have a nice image of him from a shoot I had done with the orchestra in the fall of 1999.

SOTP cover
Yakov Shapiro pg 2 credit

And here's the full frame image:


This photo was taken on what was basically the highest speed black and white film available at the time, 3200 speed. However, modern noise reduction techniques make it possible to get a creditable image out that negative now!

Photo taken on Ilford Delta 3200 Professional B&W film.
Scanned in April 2013 on a Minolta Scan Dual II film scanner with VueScan.
Processed with PhotoNinja and Photoshop CS6.