TPMS Aladdin, Jr April 2013

In April 2013, Takoma Park Middle School performed the musical "Aladdin, Jr". A request for volunteers was sent out to parents, so I volunteered to photograph the show. The theater teacher did not want me shooting during a dress rehearsal (with no flash, unposed shots as the show progresses, as per my preference) but instead suggested that I come before opening night and she would have the cast say a few lines and strike poses from a series of scenes. I asked whether, in such case, could I bring lights, and she said yes.

So I shot with three studio flashes (see setup shot at bottom of this page) and sent her three sample images the next day. Imagine my surprise when I returned for the next show to find that she had included all three images in the program! (She had some ads that had been left out of the opening night program and the photos helped fill some space.)

Programs scanned from photocopied originals distributed to audience.

Aladdin cover

The evil vizier, Jafar:

Aladdin- Jafar Aladdin - Jafar

Somehow the pose of this image made Noah look like a 1920s screen star, so I decided to try a sepia toning to complete the look:

Aladdin - Jafar

The genie from the lamp:

Aladdin- Genie Aladdin - Genie

The title character, Aladdin, with one of the narrators:

Aladdin with narrators Aladdin with narrators

This image is of Aladdin with the five narrators, although the cartoon graphic shows Aladdin with Jasmine.

Aladdin with narrators

Setup shots: Two 45" shoot-through umbrellas on either side of a 64" parabolic umbrella, intended for even lighting across the stage (to within 1/2 stop) [Central light at 1/2 power.].

setup shot
setup shot