Marc Kuchner, Jim Garvin, & NASA Disk Detective, 2014

For a NASA press release from late January, 2014, I did a photo shoot with Goddard astrophysicist Marc Kuchner and Goddard Chief Scientist Jim Garvin in late December, 2013.

They were announcing the release of the first NASA-sponsored astrophysics crowd-sourcing initiative, which asked members of the public to look through data from the WISE mission in search of planet-forming disks.

Original NASA press release (January 30, 2014) [More info at SVS/Goddard Multimedia site]

Photographically, this posed special challenges. It was shot in front of the Hyperwall (an array of fifteen 46" monitors, part of the Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) at NASA/Goddard). Thus, I could not have my usual fill light behind me, because the glare would have been impossible. Instead I needed both main and fill lights to be far to the side in order to get glancing incidence. This would light the subjects but not the screen. The room is not deep, front-to-back, either, heightening the challenge. And I had to balance the studio lights with the brightness of the Hyperwall display. press release
This press release (and associated images, including mine) were picked up by numerous other web sites, for example:

And a few months later this showed up in the AstronomyAndLaw blog:

astronomyandlaw blog

Marc Kuchner (left), and Jim Garvin:
Marc Kuchner and Jim Garvin

Setup shot:

setup shot