Redesigned Beth El web site (Sept 2014)

In September 2014, Beth El unveiled their completely overhauled web site. Several of my photographs from the rededication of the renovated sanctuary were included. These images remained in place until at least mid-January 2015 (at the time this page was written).

Images from the rededication were also used for Rabbi Harris' Facebook profile photo as well as in the October 2014 Scroll.

A group of former presidents of the congregation stand on the bimah holding Torahs.
presidents with Torahs
Elsewhere on the new site:
Prezes with
The former presidents of the congregation return to the bimah after marching around the sanctuary with Torahs.
Prezes with Torahs
Marak Hayom
Beth El's teen a cappella group, Marak Hayom performed at the rededication.
Marak Hayom