Tour de Rudolph 2015 (Retirement Gala for Rabbi Bill Rudolph)

Congregation Beth El, Bethesda, MD

On May 17, 2015, Congregation Beth El commemorated the retirement of Rabbi Bill Rudolph with a gala evening. Because of Rabbi Rudolph's passion for bicycling, the event was called the Tour de Rudolph. Three photos from the event were chosen for the June 2015 edition of the scroll, and 7 more images of mine were published in the July issue.

June 2015 issue of The Scroll, page 2:

June 2015 Scroll
Gail Fribush & Rabbi Rudolph
Areyeh and Dayenu

July/August 2015 issue of The Scroll, page 5:

July/Aug 2015 Scroll
David Mills Hazzan Klein Rabbi Harris
crowd shot Hazzan Lubin chairpeople
Steve Teitelbaum

Also published in the June Scroll issue:

As part of a montage running across two pages was a November 2005 image of Rabbi Rudolph, Hazzan Abe Lubin, and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD). This was originally published in the Scroll in January 2006. (And published here in color for the first time.)

montage of Rabbi with Chris van Hollen

In addition, I photographed EZUZ, the Jewish musical group from Philadelphia led by Jessie Roemer, from an April 2015 concert at Beth El. A single small photo from that event showed up in the June issue of the Scroll.

EZUZ in Scroll EZUZ