Beth El Shabbat Announcements (Nov 11, 2017)

In October 2017, Beth El did a major redesign of the "Shabbat Announcements," the legal-sized flyer printed each week with information about that Saturday's service and many other activities going on around the synagogue community. The new design was now a tri-fold color design, rather than the older bi-fold black-and-white layout.

To my surprise, the November 11 edition introduced a new "feature," that of "Beth El in Photos", which showed an image I had taken two weeks prior (Oct 29) at Mitzvah Day, Beth El's annual fall multi-pronged community service event. Mitzvah Day included an electronics recycling effort, where members dropped off old computers and other equipment they no longer needed. This photo was taken from the driver's seat of a minivan where items were loaded, looking out the rear hatch at the people assembled nearby.

detail of lower right

Actual size is legal-sized paper (8 1/2 x 14"):

inside of flyer
outside of flyer
view from inside minivan

The full gallery of Mitzvah Day 2017 photos can be found here.

Technical information:
Canon EOS 70D with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS lens at 24mm.
1/200 at f/4.5 at ISO 250 with flash.
On a gray drizzly day, I metered the outside lighting and set Manual exposure to lock that in, then let the flash light the interior of the minivan on its own. Some adjustments from the Canon RAW in Adobe Lightroom were also made.