Fermi 10th Anniersary teaser

The NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope celebrated its 10th anniversary during 2018. One part of that was something called Fermi Fridays which was intended to be a look at many aspects of the Fermi mission. I was asked to take photos of two models of Fermi, one a 6 foot wide model (made by the model shop at Goddard?) and the other a LEGO model, 33 inches wide, designed and built by Dr. David Green (at the time, a graduate student at NASA/Goddard.) The first time one of the photos from this shoot was used was January 26, 2018:

Fermi Friday Jan 26
Fermi LEGO model
Fermi LEGO model detail

Here is an iPhone setup shot panorama of the conference room where the shoot took place.
Two backdrops were used. This photo shows a mottled grey muslin (10x20 feet), although most of the shoot was done with a 53" wide roll of white paper was used (to make it easier to "knock out" the background), hanging from a background stand. Three studio lights were used:
a 24x32" softbox (camera right) as the main light
a 64" parabolic umbrella as the fill light
a light with a standard 80 degree reflector on a boom arm over the table (almost like a "hair light" except the models don't have hair!).
Canon 70D with 24-105mm f/4 L at 75mm
1/160th second at f/11 at ISO 100.

setup shot