David's observations about SmugMug

(My own site there is http://dpfriedlander.smugmug.com.)

If you are not familiar with SmugMug, it has a variety of user-friendly features:

Starting out:

  • You are not required to register to view photos.
  • There is no advertising at all.
  • You can download high resolution versions of the photos for free to print them yourself on your own printer.
    (Separately, you can also order prints directly from SmugMug, if you wish. Most people simply download, however.)

Viewing Images

  • Smugmug is a Responsive Web Design site, so images should look good on any device (computer, tablet, mobile). (Rotating a tablet or phone from portrait to landscape may work better for individual images.)
  • You can view the photos in many different sizes (but make your browser window full screen for best effect).
  • By default, the window appears with a group of thumbnails and one larger photo. Click on any photo to see it in that larger size.
  • If you click on the current featured photo, it will open up to the full size of the browser window.
  • From the full browser window view, you will see five icons at the bottom of the screen:

    The one on the far right (rectangles of different sizes) allows you to select yet other images sizes to view. (For example, you can choose a size larger than your screen so you can zoom in and see more detail.)
  • You can use the left- and right-arrow keys on the keyboard to move forwards and backwards.
  • Another way to see the images really large (full-screen) is the Slideshow feature (button in upper right hand corner).

Downloading Images

  • To download an image, simply click on the icon showing an arrow pointing to a horizontal line.
    You can also do this from the main SmugMug gallery window, where there are only three icons per photo:

  • What you don't want to do is to simply right-click on an image to save it —that will only give you the screen-resolution, not the full resolution image.
  • If you elect to use images on a web site or in print, please include a photo credit, and please let me know.

I like to see my photos big and SmugMug lets me do that!

Play with it and see what works for you!

David Friedlander
26 January 2009, updated 25 May 2011, updated 11 Nov 2015 for new SmugMug
web: davidpfriedlander.net
email: dpfriedlander@comcast.net