David Friedlander Portfolio of Published Photographs, 1981—Present

I am fortunate to have had photos published in many different places over the years. Nearly all of these photos are of people or events, not places or things. This web page gives a fairly complete overview, along with explanatory comments. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of the published document plus a version of the original image. For best results, make your browser the full size of your screen.

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Staff photos

Since 1991, I have taken staff photos of more than 950 people for the 400 member Astrophysics Science Division (ASD) and its predecessor, the Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA). Besides appearing in a local web-site (viewable internal to Goddard only), these images have been used many other places, such as:

staff photos
Astrophysics Science Division staff photos, 1991-present (sample 165 photos shown above)
web page Gruber award
John Mather wins Gruber Cosmology Prize, August 2006
NASA Mather
John Mather, NASA Web Site main page, October 2006
john mather
John Mather photo used around the world

2006 and beyond
CRESST/Joint Center for Astrophysics (UMBC)
(22 photos)
Olga Vovk blog
Olga Vovk on Research Blogging, 2012
Women of Goddard
Women of Goddard (NASA publication), 2011

(2 photos)
Telegraph (Calcutta, India) 2011
The Telegraph (Calcutta, India) 2011
Letters to Creationists
Letters to Creationists blog, 2010
Kashlinsky collection
Alexander Kashlinsky "Dark flow", 2008-2011

(1 photo in eight places)
Ehud Behar - Technion
Ehud Behar, Technion, Tel Aviv
, 2009
Hubble Heritage 2006
Hubble Heritage Project (STSci), 2006
(3 photos)
Northewstern Univ. 2009
Northwestern University, fall 2009
(2 photos)
Wanjek Mercury
Christopher Wanjek, science writer for LHEA
"Armchair Astrophysics" column, Mercury magazine, May-June 2004.
Jerry Bonnell/NOVA
Jerry Bonnell, PBS/NOVA/WGBH, 2002.
BAAS Frank Jones
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, 2007

Frank Jones, theoretical astrophyscist in LHEA, died of cancer in July, 2007.
Physics Today Ramaty
Physics Today, 2001

Reuven Ramaty, theoretical astrophyscist in LHEA, died of ALS in April, 2001.
BAAS Mandzhavidze
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, 2001
Obituary for Natalie Mandzhavidze, LHEA
Outreach-U GSFC Frank Reddy
Goddard science writer Frank Reddy
interviewed by Outreach-U
Jack Tueller Memorial Symposium
Jack Tueller memorial symposium
(1991 photo published in 2013)
TEDx Connecticut College
Harvey Moseley speaking at TEDx Connecticut College (2014)
GSFC Nora Troja
Eleonora Troja
Athena Interview for Intl Women in Science Day
Feb 2017 (2010 photo)
GSFC Sonneborn
George Sonneborn
GSFC Scientific Colloquium (Feb 2018)
GSFC Cataldo
Giuseppe Cataldo
Interviews in Italian Media (2018)
Quantum Circuits
Harvey Moseley
Bio page at Quantim Circuits, Inc (2018)
GSFC Bradley
Damon Bradley
Invited talk at DSP Online Conference (2020)
NASA web page corner
Staff photos used to illustrate other award winners

Astrophysics Science Division Annual Reports

For 7 years (2008-2014), ASD published an annual report which included many photos of astrophysicists.

ASD AR 2008
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division Annual Report, 2008.
(8 photos)
ASD AR 2009
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division Annual Report, 2009.
(7 photos)
ASD AR 2010
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division Annual Report, 2010.
(30 photos)
ASD AR 2010
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division Annual Report, 2011.
(23 photos)
ASD AR 2012
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division Annual Report, 2012.
(19 photos)
ASD AR 2013
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division Annual Report, 2013.
(25 photos)
ASD AR 2014
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division Annual Report, 2014.
(25 photos)

Portraits of a more formal nature at NASA/GSFC

book Shaposhnikov
Nikolai Shaposhnikov, monograph, Bursting Neutron Stars, VDM Verlag, 2008.
AstronomyMag 2009 April
Ann Hornschemeier, "AstroConfidential" feature, Astronomy magazine, April, 2009.
AstronomyMag 2009 June
John Mather, "AstroConfidential" feature, Astronomy magazine, June, 2009.
AstronomyMag 2010
Thayne Currie, "AstroConfidential" feature, Astronomy magazine, April, 2010.
AstronomyMag 2010 Dec
Marc Kuchner, "AstroConfidential" feature, Astronomy magazine, December, 2010.
Avaruus Finland - Kuchner
Marc Kuchner also had an interview published in the Finnish astronomy magazine Avaarus (July 2010).
(Different photo, same session)
Goddard View 2010
The same photo of Marc was used in an interview with Marc in the November 2010 issue of Goddard View about his country songwriter status.
Kuchner Marketing
Marketing for Scientists (2011,2012)
PennState Science 2011
Profile of Emmanuel Fonseca in Penn State University Science web site, February 2011.
Sky and Telescope
Sky & Telescope, August 2012

Article by Thayne Currie & Carol Grady, of GSFC
Alice Harding Rossi Prize
NASA Press release

Alice Harding wins Rossi Prize
February 2013
Sasha Kashlinsky - Euclid
NASA & SSAI Press releases

Alexander Kashlinsky, ESA/Euclid mission
February 2013
K. Rostem
Karwan Rostem on LinkedIn

March 2013
Kuchner Garvin
NASA press release

Marc Kuchner & Disk Detective January 2014
Elizabeth Ferrara
Elizabeth Ferrara

Univ. of Maryland Astronomy Dept. Fall 2017

Other events at NASA/GSFC

Queen GSFC
Queen Elizabeth visits Goddard, May 2007

(5 photos, contest winner)
IXO Observatory group
International X-ray Observatory (IXO) Meeting at NASA/GSFC, August 2008
ASD EPO group
NASA/GSFC ASD E/PO group, August 2010
ThinkGeek Divya
Divya Pereira on the ThinkGeek web site, spring 2011
ADNET Advisor
2011 March ADNET Advisor (company newsletter)
Afterschool Universe web page
2011 NASA Afterschool Universe
paper towel tube spectroscope video
Goddard View Nov 2011
Signposts of Planets (exoplanets) conference, 2011
(3 photos)
ASD AR 2011
NASA/GSFC Astrophysics Science Division events included in Annual Report, 2011.

(4 photos)
Gehrels JPL web site
NASA/JPL: Neil Gehrels interview (2002 photo published in 2011)
Bldg 2 photo
Building 2 commemorative display case (in Bldg 34 at GSFC)
Bruce Woodgate obituaries
Bruce Woodgate memorial tributes
(2013 photo published in May 2014)
Francesco Tombesi peer award
ASD Peer Award recipient Francesco Tombesi
on Italian sites
(August 2014)
Astro-H SXS team in Annual Report
Astro-H/SXS team in 2014 ASD Annual Report
(pubished summer 2015)
Tom Cline Channel 7
Tom Cline survives plane crash
February 2015
Channel 7 & Channel 9 news; Washington Post
μ-Spec spectrometer
(February 2015)
Ted Gull Scientific Colloquium
Ted Gull, NASA/GSFC Scientific Colloquium
(April 2015)
NAC poster
National Astronomy Consortium GSFC cohort
(June 2015)
JWST primary mirror
JWST primary mirror and John Mather

(May 2016) (2 photos)
JWST on Goddard View cover
Goddard View magazine with JWST

(May 2016)
ADNET SESDA-IV back cover
contract rebid back cover

(December 2016)
Jane Rigby
Jane Rigby and JWST

(2017 for May 2016 photo)
Fermi Friday Jan 26
"Fermi Friday" - Fermi 10th anniversary

(January 2018)
John Mather Scholars
John Mather Nobel Scholars

(Multiple years and people)

Jewish Community

Beth El Scroll 2007 June
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, June 2007, "A Week in the Life of Beth El",
(14 photos published)
Wash. Jewish Week
Washington Jewish Week, Sept 25, 2008.
Beth El Scroll 2008 Oct
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, October 2008, Project 613: Writing the Torah
Beth El Scroll 2009 June
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, June 2009
, Birkat HaHamah, which observes that once each 28 years "the sun is said to be in the same place in the sky was it was at the moment of Creation."
Beth El Scroll 2011 July/Aug
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, July/August 2011
, Hazzan Abraham Lubin Retirement Tribute Gala
(9 photos published)
Beth El Scroll 2011 December
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, December 2011
, Mitzvah Day
(8 photos published)
Beth El Scroll 2012 March
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, March 2012
World Wide Wrap
Beth El Scroll 2012 June
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, June 2012
Year in Review issue (7 photos)
Beth El
Scroll 2012 Jul-Aug
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, July/August 2012
Louis Nagel article
Beth El Scroll 2013 Jun
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, June 2013
Year in Review photo spread
Beth El Scroll 2013 Dec
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, December 2013
Mitzvah Day
Beth El Scroll 2014 Jan
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, January 2014
Hazzan (Emeritus) Lubin award
Beth El web site 2014 Sep
Congregation Beth El: redesigned web site
September 2014 (3 photos)
Beth El Scroll 2014 Oct
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, October, 2014

Rededication of Sanctuary (3 photos)
Beth El Scroll 2014 Dec
Congregation Beth El: Scroll, December, 2014

Mitzvah Day (4 photos)
Beth El Scroll 2015 Prgr Gde
Congregation Beth El: Winter Spring Program Guide, January, 2015

(5 photos)
Rabbi retirement
Rabbi Rudolph Retirement Gala Invitation
March 2015
Rabbi retirement
Rabbi Rudolph Retirement Gala
("Tour de Rudolph")
May 2015
(10+2 photos across two issues of The Scroll)
David Makovsky speaks at Beth El
Beth El Scroll & WJW, October 2015
Rabbi Harris installation
Rabbi Greg Harris installation at Beth El
Beth El Scroll, April 2016 (5 photos)
SHabbat Booklet
Visitor's Guide to Shabbat Service
Beth El, September 2016 (2014 photo)
Jerry Sorkin obit
Beth El President Jerry Sorkin's obituary
Beth El Scroll, December 2016
Amb. Ron Dermer
Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer speaks
Beth El Scroll, November 2017
Electronics recycling
Beth El Shabbat Announcements

Electronics recycling from Mitzvah Day
November 2017
Mitzvah Day 2017
2017 Mitzvah Day
Beth El Scroll, December 2017 (9 photos)
Scroll April 2018
Sisterhood/Zhava Craft Group
Beth El Scroll, April 2018
Scroll July/Aug 2020 protest
Stand Up for Racial Justice protest
Beth El Scroll, July/August 2020
Beth El Wizards of Ashkenaz concert
Wizards of Ashkenaz: Hazzan Matthew Klein and friends
(2014 use of April 2012 photo)
Beth El Scroll 2006 Jan
Beth El Rededication (after major renovation), Nov 13, 2005 Congregation Beth El: Scroll, Jan 2006.
JFGW Ann.Rep.
Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
2006 Annual Report
(Super Sunday Dec 2005)
PJLL Ann.Rep.
Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning
2007-08 Annual Report

Wash. Jewish Week
Washington Jewish Week, October 11, 2007
The WJW ran a feature for about a year whereby they wanted to show community-submitted photos.
St. Louis Jewish Light
Tribute dinner for Rabbi Abraham Magence,
St. Louis Jewish Light, Feb 28, 2001, p2.
WU Hillel
Washington University (now "St. Louis") Hillel annual publicity flyer, summer 1983.
(12 photos)
WU Student Life
Washington University Student Life, Sept. 28, 1982, p3.

Musical Connections

Introductory remarks about Hopkins Symphony Orchestra photos

HSO 2013-14 brochure
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2013-14 season brochure
HSO 2012-13 brochure
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2012-13 season brochure
HSO 2011-12 brochure
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2011-12 season brochure
HSO 2008-09 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2008-09

(6 photos)
HSO 2007-08 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2007-08

(18 photos)
HSO 2006-07 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2006-07

(12 photos)
HSO 2005-06 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2005-06
HSO 2004-05 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra 2004-05

(15 photos)
HSO fall 2009 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra fall 2009

(6 photos)
HSO spring 2010 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra spring 2010

(7 photos)
HSO fall 2010 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra fall 2010

(4 photos)
HSO spring 2011 program
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra spring 2011

(5 photos)
HSO 2012 spring program book
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra spring 2012

(5 photos)
HSO 2013 Nov chamber poster
Hopkins Symphony Orchestra Nov 2013 chamber concert poster
MSAC 2004 Ann.Rep.
Maryland State Arts Council, 2004 Annual Report, p3 (inside cover)
MSAC 2008 Ann.Rep.
Maryland State Arts Council, 2008 Annual Report, p24.
MSAC 2009 Imagine Maryland
Maryland State Arts Council Imagine Maryland, 2009.
JHU Gazette 2007
HSO Children's Concert
JHU Gazette, March 2007

Hopkins Symphony Concerto Competition

HCO - Gabriela Nisly
Hopkins Concert Orchestra, September 2018
JHU Blue Jay Families
JHU Blue Jay Families: April 2018 HSO concert
JHU Hub: April 2016 HSO concert
JHU HSO poster
April 2014 HSO concert
JHU Gazette 2012-04-16
JHU Gazette and more (HSO concert April 2012)
HSO CtoComp PressRel
JHU web site for press releases (March 18, 2010)
JHU Gazette 2009
JHU Gazette, March 2009
JHU Gazette 2008
First Hopkins Concerto Competition
JHU Gazette, March 2008
WJ Benefit
Walter Johnson Benefit Concert

December 2018
VLOC Sing Out
Victorian Lyric Opera "Sing Out"

February 2018 (August 2008 photo)
Wash Sinfonietta
Washington Sinfonietta fundraiser

June 2017 (June 2014 photo)
JHU Hub 2014-01-28
Malinda McPherson, Churchill Scholar

January 2014
Sujay Pathak
Sujay Pathak, HSO violinist, interviewed in Collection, the alumni magazine of the Friends School of Baltimore, Spring 2005.
JHU Newsetter 2004
JHU News-Letter, April 2004.
JHU Newsetter Feb 2004
JHU News-Letter, February 2004.
JHU N-hood matters
JHU Neighborhood Matters, Fall 2005.
Homewood Brass
Homewood Brass Consort web site, 2008-present
Randy Harrison
Randy Harrison bio at Maryland Conservatory of Music faculty web page
JHU Gazette 1989
JHU Gazette, October 1989.
Anders McCarthy, 1984
Anders McCarthy, SLSYO/Stagebill,
March 1984
KWMU program guide 1983
KWMU FM91 "Studio Set", September 1983.
1983 SLSYO flyer
SLSYO concert flyer, March 1983

Symphony of the Potomac/ JCC Symphony Orchestra

SOTP DC Metro Theater Arts
SOTP profile in DC Metro Theater Arts

February 2016 (3 photos)
SOTP 2015-16 brochure
SOTP 2015-16 brochure

(5 photos)
SOTP 2014-15 brochure
SOTP 2014-15 brochure

(5 photos)
SOTP 2014-15 web site
SOTP 2014-15 redesigned web site

(7 photos)
SOTP - Nadia Seiler
Nadia Seiler memorial page
Symphony of the Potomac concert program
November 2014 (5 photos)
SOTP Feb 2015 program
SOTP Feb 2015 concert program

(4 photos)
SOTP Apr 2015 program
SOTP April 2015 concert program
SOTP Jun 2015 program
SOTP June 2015 concert program
SOTP Nov 2016 program
SOTP November 2016 concert program
SOTP Jan 2017 program
SOTP January 2017 concert program
SOTP April 2017 program
SOTP April 2017 concert program
SOTP June 2017 program
SOTP June 2017 concert program
SOTP 2017-18 brochure
SOTP 2017-18 brochure

(5 photos)
SOTP Feb 2018 program
SOTP February 2018 concert
Washington Jewish Week profile of SOTP member Jessica Sunshine

March 2018
SOTP Apr 2018 program
SOTP April 2018 concert
SOTP Jun 2018 program
SOTP June 2018 concert
SOTP Yakov Shapiro
Symphony of the Potomac, Yakov Shapiro
(1999 photo published in 2013)
JCCSO web site saved
JCC Symphony Orchestra Web Site (2000-2007)

(4+ photos)

Photos used in various places

facebook mini
Facebook Profile images
LinkedIn profile photos
LinkedIn profile photos, various
Fred Epstein
Fred Epstein obituary
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
September 2014
Bethesda Magazine
Bethesda Magazine, June 2020
about Walter John High School virtual choir
in memory of Jonathan Bos
Blair Drama card
Montgomery Blair Drama Boosters
thank you card
May 2017 card from March show (The Wiz)
(3 photos)
Aladdin @TPMS
TPMS Aladdin
, April 2013 (3 photos)
GPES Newsletter
Garrett Park Elementary School Newsletter (International Night)
Feb 2012, (3 photos)
GPES yearbook
Garrett Park Elementary School Yearbook 2011-2012

(International Night)
StL Psychoanalytic Institute
St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute
Newsletter, Feb 1987
(2 photos)
Climatron in Inkblot
Clayton High School Inkblot
Fall 1981

Photos set up by me but not taken by me (and usually I am in them!)

HughesNews Goes To .... Camden Yards inaugural game, Jan 29, 1993
SLSYO in comm.paper
Midtown Voice (St. Louis) and
SLSO Women's Association Newsletter,
August, 1983.
SLSYO-Clayton Citizen
Clayton Citizen newspaper,
St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, 1982

Other photos of mine used but not 'published', per se

Peter Serlemitsos 50 years poster
Celebrating 50 years @ NASA for Peter Serlemitsos, NASA/GSFC, 2011.
May Raila
memorial cover
Memorial service booklet
for May Raila, 2010
David Band
memorial program
Memorial Symposium program
for David Band, NASA/GSFC July, 2009.
Don Stilwell memorial cover
Memorial service booklet
for Don Stilwell, NASA/GSFC, 1998.