Garrett Park PTA Newsletter February 2012

International Night is the highlight event of the year for Garrett Park Elementary School in Kensington, MD. It is a wonderful combination of foods, dress, photos, tourist materials, and performances from children and parents representing more than 30 countries.

The GPES PTA put out a request for photos taken at this years event for inclusion in their February 2012 newsletter. [PDF, 1.5MB, 6pp]

PTA Newsletter, p1
student performing
PTA Newsletter, p2
Greek table

My collection of photos from the 2012 International Night can be found at my SmugMug Gallery.

The next-to-last page of the newsletter (top half of the page shown below) features a letter from the PTA's vice president for Membership, Sheryl! When she had needed to submit a photo when she first joined the PTA leadership a few years back, she had chosen this one, which is (as seen below) a crop of a self-portrait of the two of us, taken after we had performed together with the Friday Morning Music Club Chorale & Orchestra in June 2006. (This is simply bounce flash and predates by two years my acquisition of any studio lighting equipment.)

PTA Newsletter, p5
Sheryl PTA photo
Sheryl and David with instruments