Book: Astronomy: From Stonehenge to Quasars (1985)

In 1985 Michael published a freshman astronomy text titled "Astronomy: From Stonehenge to Quasars" Most colleges require a science course as a "distribution requirement," "core," or "general education" curriculum, and astronomy is one of the most popular such offerings. The unusual aspect of this textbook was its emphasis on archaeoastronomy, which was woven in throughout the book (as one can see from the Table of Contents, below).

Table of Contents (page vii) and Preface (page xiii, which is p7 of the PDF)

Reviews and Publicity

For whatever reason, there is very little information on the Internet about this textbook.

  • Review (listing only)
    by L.A. Marschall in Sky and Telescope, December 1985.
  • Cardboard star for marketing (6.3" tall) for the textbook from Prentice-Hall (spring/summer 1985)
    Click on stars for larger views.
  • Letter-sized 12-page brochure with sample pages and pointing out features of the book.
    Cover has a cut-out star shape looking through to page 3.

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