Physics for non-majors

Michael was centrally involved in all sorts of aspects of the curriculum of the Physics Department, over many decades.

1994 WU Record
"Popular physics" course

WU Record, Oct 26, 1994

Some examples of courses he developed/taught:

  • "Science, Creation Science and PseudoScience" (Spring 1983, Master of Liberal Arts)
  • "Science and Society From Aristotle to Newton" (Spring 1990, U98 LArts 5071); Taught with Peter Riesenberg (Dept of History)
  • "Relativity and Quantum Ideas" (Fall 1991, Fall 1995, Master of Liberal Arts)
  • "Physics and Controverys: Galileo and Oppenheimer" (Fall 1994, Spring 1999, Master of Liberal Arts U98-537)

Michael and Peter Riesenberg
Michael in class with Peter Riesenberg, professor of history
(circa 1980s?)
Peter (Michael's good friend) and Michael enjoyed teaching together (clearly so here!)
and developed several new courses together. This image was taken during an MLA
(Master of Liberal Arts) University College (night school) course.

Michael teaching seminar
Michael teaching a seminar class
(circa 1979?)
This photo was scanned from a Wash U course catalog.