Encyclopedia Britannica author

Inthe late 1980s, Michael was invited to write the primary, overarching survey article on Astronomy for Encyclopedia Britannica (published around 1989, revised in 1995). He was also asked to write the Cosmic Rays article for Britannica. These were made available to the public via the shelf-filling print edition of Britannica, via a DVD-ROM (in the early days of the World Wide Web), and eventually, on the Britannica web site. (The site was so early in the history of the web that they reserved the simple and short URL of eb.com, which still works today (2022) although it redirects to britannica.com.)

Even more then twenty years later, he is still listed as co-author for the Astronomy article, as others have revised and augmented the original article. And the Cosmic Rays article still shows him as sole author.