Book: At the Fringes of Science (1995) (Japanese ed., 1997)

Fringes of Science book Japanese cover
At the Fringes of Science
(Japanese edition) cover
Hakuyosha, 1997.

I (David) know very little about this except to say that a Japanese translation of "At the Fringes of Science" was done a few years later after the initial publication. (I own a copy but cannot read it!)

Aiming the Google Translate iPhone app at the book cover yields this translation. The caveats are that these sort of live translations can be incredibly helpful, crazily wrong to a native speaker, and in this case, the translation kept changing every few seconds as the phone camera was aimed at the cover (strange).

Also found a bibliographic reference here (see bottom of page; translation available here) since the copyright date was not readable (to me!) in the actual book.

The ISBN of the translation is ISBN4-8269-0076-7.

You can learn more about the original Fringes of Science book here.