1962 Calvinia (South Africa) Cosmic Rays Balloon Experiment

Calvinia press coverage

St Louis newspapers
St. Louis newspapers

June 17, 1962
SA Jewish Times profile
Southern African Jewish Times

profile of Michael (and Jessica)
August 10, 1962
Die Burger Aug 24
Die Burger article

August 25, 1962.
Jessica,Michael,Rachel in Cape Town
Jessica, Michael, Rachel in Cape Town

(a few weeks after the balloon campaign)
September 1962.

Michael also shot home movies (8mm, no sound) of the campaign. Footage shows a lot of the surrounding scenery and some parts of the launch/filling the balloon process, as well as the "chase plane" used to retrieve the ballon and payload (and the plane upside down after a mishap, described on p3 of the Afrox article above).

Length: 18:21