Director of Washington Univ. Crow Observatory
(for about 35(?) years)

WU Telescope and dome

Washington University telescope and dome
photo credit: Charles Munson (observatory volunteer),
Student Life, 4 March 2011.

The Washington University Observatory atop Crow Hall has a long history, especially for the telescope itself.

The Observatory has originally been elsewhere on the Danforth (Hilltop) campus but a new dome was constructed in 1954 atop the Physics Department's Crow Hall home. Gerard Kuiper (as in the Kuiper Belt) spoke at the dedication. (Of course, this was two years before Michael arrived at WU.)

By at least the 1960s, the Observatory was not a tool for research, but instead was staffed by volunteers (knowledgeable undergrad and graduate students), under Michael's direction. Open every clear weeknight, it offered a chance for city dwellers (groups, individuals, etc) to see the stars!

Numerous feature articles appeared in Washington U publications and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch over the years.

Minor note: The Observatory's phone number of 314-935-6278 was just one digit off from Michael's 6279, with the former number chosen because it also spelled out 935-OBSV.

A current link for the Crow Observatory can be found on the physics department web site facilities page. Stop by some evening for a look!