What's New/Changelog

28 June 2022

While researching for this site, I (David) ran across a number of bibliographic entries for videos (mostly VHS, some DVD) of lectures and colloquia that Michael had given at Wash U over the years. These were all being held by the Washington University Archives. I sent an inquiry this spring to Sonya Rooney, the WU Archivist, whom I had already met a few times because many of Michael's papers were donated to the archives, starting in 2018. She graciously agreed to have these digitized, and I just got the results from her a week ago.

Thus on the Multimedia page, I have added four videos, ranging in time from 1994 to 2004:

My thanks and credit to Sonya Rooney and her colleagues at the Washington University Archives.

23 May 2022

Having visited home in St. Louis in mid-May, I (David) looked for a variety of documents, finding most of them, and also ran across a series of other documents I was not expecting.

These have now been incorporated into the site.

Most unusual addition (Credit: Walt Schalick) [This is unrelated to the trip to St. Louis] :

In several cases, I had images of the first page of an article but had been unable to track down the full text online. In my father's files I found paper copies of the complete article for each of the following:

New photos to illustrate existing pages:

More updates:

29 April 2022

Initial public release of this site, on one-year anniversary of Michael's death.